It’s the unknown that draws people

stay in the unknown no more

with an exclusive club of

industry elites.

Who Are We?

A conglomerate of industry experts who are about to change the way information and problem cases are shared, gathered and resolved.
Add to that we sell exclusivity, anonymity, professionalism and qualification.

Want to be part of a secret club that gets work done for you and makes your life a better place?

Consider it your wish granted.

What are we?

A group that aids one another in a sentence. Imagine a man with work experience and PHD’s in 22 industries. Law, medicine, logistics, entrepreneurship.

Too good to be true? Because it is. How about 22 industries acting as one?

That’s Dominion.

✴︎We have

22 industry heads working together for you

all for rupees 99 only

but why?

For you me and everyone who’s a part of the club
to make the best decisions as we grow and go along.



Quality Filtering System

Personnel who fall below 4 in the grading system are at a risk and threat of being replaced or eliminated. Admins play the role in filtering bias.

Exclusive Members

Premium members competing for limited spots will retain the quality. Exclusivity (Limited members) + Grading system = better overall quality.

Regionally Based

Other platforms are not regionally based. Our members are based in that dominion’s region. Eg: Dominion Blr comprises of Bangalore members only.

We, Are, Speed

All responses are judged on speed and relevance, ensuring a better customer experience.

For Example,

An advocate in Dominion will give the required advice to the member.

Finance, investments and entrepreneurial industry experts present to help you out.

A chartered accountant is in Dominion to aid you.

A Few More Queries that we could resolve,

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